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Non-Destructive Entry Liverpool

Non Destructive Entry Liverpool

Non-destructive entry is the process of entering doors without causing any damage. When you require a locksmith it usually means you are locked out. Many people jump to breaking a window and gaining entry through the fastest and easiest method. However, this method can also work out very expensive depending on the type of glass you have broken. It’s not always the cheapest piece of glass you need to break.

Non-destructive entry is bread and butter locksmith work. We have a variety of tools to help pick locks and gain entry to your home or office without the need for damaging anything. We specialise in UPVC doors but can work our magic on a wide variety of locks in the industry. It must be pointed out that non-destructive entry is not always possible depending on the type of lock you have fitted to your property.


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If you need a locksmith it’s very rarely convenient. However, here at Locksafe, there is no inconvenient time to come and help you. We can help you gain entry to your property and complete any work you need 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We can gain entry via non-destructive means. If your keys are not inside the property we can also change your locks and even have replacement keys cut for other members of your household. Take your security seriously and give us a call or email now using the buttons below. We will be happy to take your call.


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