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Keeping your doors and windows secure is the key aspect of home security. However, we know that from time to time we all make mistakes. These mistakes may be as simple as forgetting your keys or putting the wrong key in the door. We also understand that needing your locks repaired or changed isn’t always down to a mistake from yourself. Burglary can also result in you need your locks repaired or changed.


I Have Forgotten My Keys – What Can I Do?

It may seem pretty obvious to some people if you forget your keys you may need a locksmith. Sometimes people take matters into their own hands and decide to smash a window to gain entry to their keys. This can sometimes prove more expensive than calling us in the first place. We can gain entry to your house properly without damage or destruction to your property. After all, we don’t want you wasting money on windows or even have the issue of cleaning up broken glass with the risk of injury to yourself.

If you have broken your window then please don’t hesitate to call us either. We offer 24-hour boarding up services so we can secure your home in Liverpool day or night.


I’ve Snapped My Key In The Door

Snapping your key in the door is not an uncommon thing to do. You may panic and not know what to do but we do. As a highly experienced locksmith Liverpool, we can use our non-destructive entry techniques. We will gain access to your house for you and let you know what all the options are to get your home security back on track.

Don’t forget, we operate on a no call out charge policy. This means you know exactly what our services cost before we do any work for you. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your locks and keep your home secure.


Burglary or Attempted Burglary

This is one of the main reasons that people call us. Almost every burglary or attempted burglary results in damage to your home security. You may have damaged locks where someone has used a screwdriver or other tool to gain entry to your home. You may even have damage to windows or the doors themselves. Your first port of call may be to the police, however, beyond that, you need to secure your home again.

We offer bespoke burglary repair, Liverpool. Again with no call-out fee, we will call to your home and assess all the damage you have. We will then suggest lock changing or repairing. We will then give you quotes for replacement of broken glass and carry out the repairs as fast as possible. We know it can be a very stressful time so let us take the stress away from the situation and let us secure your home.

You may even want to discuss a home security survey. We offer a security review absolutely free of charge and it may give you an insight as to why your home has been a target. Click here to call us now and book your appointment with us here at Lock Safe.

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