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Free Home Security Survey Liverpool

Underestimating your home security is something that can put your house in danger. We say this as more than 90% of burglaries are from opportunistic thieves. By this, we mean that they look for houses with poor or non-existent security, and then make their move. You might think you are never going to be burgled, however, did you know burglary is at a 4 year high in Liverpool?

Some of the things a burglar may look for when picking a target may be no CCTV, floodlights, window locks or even an alarm. They will look at the fencing around your property. Burglars will even know the type of locks that you have on your doors. They will even check if you have locked your door, as an unlocked door is like inviting thieves to come into your home. Is your front door a reverse clutch? Basically, can you open it from the outside without a key? No? That’s just what a burglar wants you to think s these doors are a massive security flaw in your house without the correct locks.


How Do I Secure My Home?

You may have asked yourself many times, “what can I do to secure my home?”. There are many things that you can do to make your home more secure. You may fit an alarm and obviously, you lock your doors at night. However, there are often upgrades that you may not even be aware of. What about upgrading your locks making sure that they are more difficult to break or drill? The burglar certainly knows what locks you have, they may even know if your windows are secured. However, securing your home isn’t just about the front door or the locks. The number of elements in the equation of home security are massive and you certainly don’t want to leave anything to chance.

All you have to do is drop us a call or email and we can get you booked in for a FREE home security survey.  We will advise on any potential weak points that burglars may target and also the best way to combat these.


Secure Your Home Now

As a highly experienced locksmith and security expert, we will come to your house and provide a 100% free home security survey. One of our team will analyse all aspects of your home security. They will then provide you with a comprehensive report on your home security. The police believe a large number of burglaries all happen to homes that have made basic security mistakes. Such as failing to lock the doors or simply leaving a window open or unlocked. Don’t turn into a statistic and have a local approved Liverpool locksmith like ourselves come and secure your home.

If you wish to talk to someone about your free home survey then call us now. Either on 0151 321 4155 or direct on 07596 922107. You can also fill in your details on our contact form and we will get one of our local operatives out to you at your convenience.


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