Leaving Your Keys in The Back of The Door – A BAD IDEA

We’ve said it and it had to be said. This comes after posts from our Facebook last week, where we showed someone stealing keys with a hook. Some people noticed that there were some keys in the back of the door. However, we then got the worrying sign of people saying it’s safe to do so. As a locksmith, that worried us, as we attend a lot of burglaries around Liverpool.

Why Can’t You Leave Your Keys in the Door?

Well, it seems simple enough for me to say. However, burglars do have ways (and they’re not complex) to get the keys. After a recent increase in burglaries in Liverpool and the theft of cars on the rise, we need to highlight this issue. As a Liverpool locksmith, we see a lot of burglaries and break-ins.

Let’s say you come home pop your keys in the back of the door and go about your business. A burglar comes sneaking around your estate looking for easy targets. Basically, they start testing door handles and seeing if any are locked. So the burglary arrives at your house and tests the handle. You’ve done well, it’s locked. However, they also hear a noise from your keys as they rattle inside the lock. I can hear you thinking, they don’t rattle. Well go and try it, they do and you can hear them quite clearly. The fella at your door is happy he has potentially found a way in.

How does he get in? Well, you’ve all seen wire coat hangers? They get used for all different things other than hanging coats. When opened out, they provide a strong tool to grab and push things. This thief at your door has his coat hanger through your letterbox and he’s got it hooked on your key ring. He then just pulls the keys out the door and through the letterbox into his hands. He now has a choice, does he come in and steal more? Or does he just get off in your car and sell it?

Wire Coat Hanger

Shocking? Did You Even Realise it Was Possible?

I know you may be a little shocked by this. However, it’s a real possibility if your keys are in the back of the door. He may even decide to come in, steal some items, load them into YOUR CAR and drive off. You’re too busy, you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner with the radio on. You haven’t even heard him come in and help himself.

So maybe it’s time to bring them keys away from the door and into the living room?

Can’t Open Your Door from the Outside?

A large portion of households has uPVC doors. Many of these cannot be opened from the outside even when they’re not locked. We see many people with these doors become a victim of theft.

How? I hear you ask. Your door is still susceptible to the precarious coat hanger. The burglar again pops his hand through your letterbox. Hooks the hanger around your door handle and pulls. This opens your door from the inside and you haven’t heard a noise. I see at least 3 of these a week in Liverpool. So don’t become a victim, just lock your doors and move your key away. Even if you’re in the house and awake. The chances are you’re not listening out for thieves targeting your doors.


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