What is an Anti Snap Door Lock & Do You Need One in Liverpool?
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What is an Anti Snap Door Lock & Do You Need One in Liverpool?

People approach us all the time and ask, do we need an anti-snap door lock in Liverpool. Before we answer the question, let’s explain to you what it is and how it can help.

As you may be aware, burglary is at a 4 year high in Liverpool. What you may not know is that lock snapping is a method that is the favourite choice amongst thieves. The Liverpool Echo even ran a campaign targeting Runcorn for homeowners to consider locks that cannot be snapped.

What is an Anti Snap Door Lock?

It’s often assumed that an anti-snap lock is just that, anti-snap. However, the lock can still be snapped it just cannot be opened once broken. At the moment, thieves snap your door lock with a tool that can be purchased for around £15. The tool is a quick way to do it, but I have seen some examples where a screwdriver and mould grips are used. We are not talking super expensive complicated tools here. I imagine most of you have a screwdriver and a set of mould grips in your shed outside where the thieves can access them quickly.

Once your lock is snapped the burglar then uses the screwdriver to turn the barrel and open your door. They are then inside your house touching your belongings. The whole process takes them less than a minute on most doors but no longer than 3 minutes in general.

How Does an Anti Snap Door Lock Work?

Ok, so we’ve explained that the lock can still be snapped. The difference is when the lock snaps the door cannot be opened like with other locks. This is achieved by allowing the lock to be snapped in a particular place. They call this the “sacrificial breaking point”. A part of the cylinder is specifically designed to be a little weaker for would-be intruders. They then use their tools of choice to attempt to break the lock. When it snaps and they believe they have success, they soon realise that the lock has broken in the wrong place. The lock mechanism is not exposed and they cannot turn it with the screwdriver.

This works a dream for your home security even though the locks are still broken and in need of repair. I’m sure you’d rather have a small lock bill than to lose your TV, cash and other valuables while the thief takes them away in your car.

Do You Need An Anti Snap Door Lock in Liverpool?

We’ve explained what one is and how it works. Now it’s time to answer the question “do you need an anti-snap door lock in Liverpool?”

YES! Yes, you do!

The only thing we would suggest is that you have your anti snap door locks fitted by a reputable locksmith. Funnily enough, that’s us here at Locksafe Locksmiths Liverpool. We will come out and fit your anti-snap locks and if you like, give your home a full security check. This security check is 100% and could give you some useful insights into the security of your home.

NOTE: It’s important to have your locks fitted by a professional. Locks fitted incorrectly can still jeopardise the security of your home.


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