Yale Bring Locks To The 21st Century With Alexa
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Yale Bring Locks To The 21st Century With Alexa

It looks as though Yale has decided to bring their locks up to date with modern technology. They have teamed up with tech giant Amazon, to bring you the latest home security with a lock that is voice-activated. If you know a tech fiend or a locksmith then it could be time to tag them as this product could really get their juices flowing.

What Is This New Yale Lock?

Well, let’s start with the technology behind it. You have seen the TV advert, “Alexa, what’s the weather like”. This is powered by Alexa from Amazon and is a voice-activated shopping tool. You can ask it to do all kinds of things from buying food to checking share prices. Well, now you will be able to check and modify the security of your home thanks to Yale.

They have brought out a keyless or a key-free lock. This lock will use a proximity chip when you are near so that you can open the door. However, with the help of Samsung SmartThings, you can also connect the lock to Alexa. This gives you an increased step in your lock security and peace of mind for when you are convinced you forgot to lock the door.

What Can a Keyless Yale Lock Do With Alexa

This is where the techies or even just the average emergency locksmith may start to get excited. First off you will need Amazon Alexa device(obviously) and a Yale Smart Door Lock with a Z-Wave module fitted. Then you can start to ask your Alexa device, “Is my door locked”. Do you remember that day when you went out but ended up staying out for longer than you planned? You couldn’t rest, you were certain you forgot to lock your door. Having one of these will absolutely change that for you.

I know you’re already thinking, well it told me my door is unlocked what good is that? Follow your next command to your device with “Alexa, please lock my door”. Voila, your door is now locked and you can rest easy knowing that your house is secure. You can also do the same thing if you are locked out, or have forgotten your key meaning you may not ever need an emergency locksmith.

If you know someone who could benefit from this then share them the article. You could even call us, we will talk you through options and potentially get one of these locks fitted for you. After all, we are a locksmith, even if Yale keep trying to change the game on us.


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