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Do Locksmiths Need to Break Locks?

Locksmiths Breaking Locks

One of the most common questions that locksmiths get asked is, “do you break locks?”. Although some people may want us to do that, many are worried that calling a locksmith could cost them £100s of pounds in replacement locks and even doors. No one likes the idea of losing your keys and it costing you a few hundred pound. Especially if your keys are inside the house we’re gaining entry to.

Locksmiths Breaking Locks

So you’ve lost your keys or just forgotten to take them out. If you’re reading this, it means you’ve decided not to panic and instead you will do a little research and check your options. That’s a very smart thing to do. We’ve seen situations where people have panicked and smashed a window or even as drastic as kicking their door in. Causing plenty of damage and costing them a handsome sum of money to put right.

First check what kind of door you have. This can play a role in the need for damaging locks to gain entry. For example, you may have a traditional wooden door with a mortice lock, maybe even 2. You could also have 2 front doors to gain entry through (A patio and main door). Each door could be different and all have slightly different ways of gaining entry into your house. Now you know what door you have, you can get some answers to your questions.

Many houses in the UK have a uPVC door. If that is you then you’re in luck as most of these doors will result in absolutely no damage when a locksmith uses their tools to get you home. Even if you have a wooden door it’s possible to gain entry without any damage to the property. The only time you need truly worry is when you have a mortice lock on as these can be difficult to break, or you’ve spent a lot of money on special locks for your doors. That element of security will be the downfall of your locks should you lose the keys.

So, Do Locksmiths Need to Break Locks to Gain Entry

To answer the question bluntly, no. It’s not necessary for a locksmith to break your locks, or your door for that matter to gain entry to your house. However, to reel the answer back in a little, it is a small possibility. If you’ve spent a lot of money on locks and security then the chance of damage increases but for 85% – 90% of the UK your local locksmith should find your door a straightforward task.


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