Do Your Locks Invalidate Your Home Insurance?
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Do Your Locks Invalidate Your Home Insurance?

You may not believe us but it’s true. Your locks could leave your home insurance invalid should someone break-in. Many insurance companies ask for a minimum standard of locks for your doors. This is to ensure that thieves have a much more difficult task of breaking into your house. Many households don’t realise that their locks are very poor and may allow entry in less than 30 SECONDS with tools that are available for a small amount of money on Amazon.

What Are the Different Types of Locks Available?

Well, there are many different types of locks available out there for a standard UPVC door. There are features available such as anti-snap, anti-drill and many other items which may just confuse a buyer. However, we will make it easy for you as there are only a few features to look out for.

  1. Anti-Snap: If your lock is anti-snap, it means that a burglar cannot just break the end off. It locks the middle of the barrel stopping your door being opened. You can read more about anti snap locks here.
  2. Lock Star Rating: So locks come in 3 different star ratings. 0 stars, 1 star and 3 stars. This determines how well put together the lock is and if it can be breached easily. Many homes actually have 0-star locks which are the easiest to break into. You’ll know the rating of yours simply by looking on the front, there will be a star on it. If there isn’t then you don’t have a rated lock.
  3. British Standard: Locks in Britain can be tested to see if they conform to British standards. If you lock is British standard then it will feature a “kitemark” on the front. The kitemark shows it’s recommended by insurers and that it’s passed all the tests to increase your home security.

This is a very rough guide to follow, we always recommend getting security advice from a fully trained locksmith. They will inform you of the best locks and if your insurance would approve of them.

What Locks Do Home Insurance Companies Need?

We’ve briefly mentioned above, however, all insurance companies recommend a lock that is Kite Marked. If your lock does not have a kite mark then your insurance could potentially be invalid. The last thing you want is to have an issue where a burglar gains entry to your property, only for your insurance company to deny your claims for lost items because of a poor lock fitted to your home. Not to mention, the lock may also have been a reason you where targetted in the first place.

To be fully secure, we also recommend having a 3 star rated lock. This is the top level of security available in a single lock. Many 3 star locks take master locksmiths over 30 minutes to pick on the bench. Fitted inside a door, this increases the job by quite some time. A thief is very unlikely to sit outside your house for an hour attempting to pick a lock in the dark. Not when your next-door neighbour potentially has a lock with half the security.

So, take a look at your locks today and figure out exactly what you have. If you feel under-protected then give us a call on 07596 922107 and one of our team will come out to you and give you our honest advice. We don’t charge a call-out fee so it’s worth a call just for your peace of mind.


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