Locksmiths in Crosby, Waterloo and Seaforth
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Locksmiths in Crosby, Waterloo and Seaforth

We don’t like writing articles like this, however, it’s the run-up to Christmas and we feel we need to inform and advise. As some of you may, or may not be aware, we are emergency locksmiths. We are based in Liverpool and receive a lot of call-outs for burglary in the city. Locksafe have received a massive amount of calls for locksmiths in Crosby.

Crosby Break-Ins

Although we’ve had calls to areas close to Crosby, such as Waterloo and Seaforth, it’s our increase in calls to Crosby that are concerning. Our main calls have involved thieves stealing keys to remove cars. They target uPVC doors and windows or even houses with keys visible. We wrote an article 2 weeks ago to help people secure their home from burglary so take a look and get some tips.

Emergency Locksmiths in Crosby

If you didn’t get a chance to read our article and you’ve become a burglary victim, then this is how we can help. As an emergency locksmith based in Liverpool, we will come to you day and night. Burglaries tend to happen mainly at night, however, we don’t charge a call-out fee. One of our locksmith team will come and visit your premises. We will give you a list of items that need replacing and a full cost before we do any work.

If for whatever reason, we cannot finish the job on one visit we will come back again. However, before we leave, your house will be secured. We carry most parts with us however, some parts are not easy to carry (such as panes of glass). So before we leave, your house will be secure from burglaries and you can get a good nights rest.

Don’t live in Crosby?

Don’t worry if you’ve landed on this page and you don’t live in Crosby. We cover all of the wider Merseyside areas. Just pick up the phone and give us a call, we promise not to bite.


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