5 Tips to Avoid Burglary This Summer
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5 Tips to Avoid Burglary This Summer

We’ve had some of the hottest months on record in the past few weeks. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in burglary rates across the city. Items such as cars, TV’s, purses and other valuables have been taken from peoples homes and the owner has no idea when they entered.

We’ve been doing some research about when burglars enter the property to see what they can get. The time this happens tends to vary but come under the two following categories

  1. Opportunists: These are the guys who spot an open window no matter what time of the day or night. These guys lookout for many things, including information from our top 5 tips below.
  2. Professionals: These go out every night, generally between 10 pm and 6 am, looking for properties that have easy access. They particularly look for all of the items below and more. They know what they’re doing and how not to get caught. It’s this crowd that also end up stealing your cars.

Now let’s look at some of the reasons a burglary targets your home and leaves you needing a locksmith, police and all other emergency services.

1. Keep Your Garden Maintained

A poorly maintained garden provides hiding places for thieves. It also signifies a house where the owner is on holiday. Meaning they could have free reign at your goods, make themselves a late-night snack and enjoy your home more than you do. Let’s be honest, none of us wants anyone to have that kind of access to your home. So trim your bushes, keep your lawn looking tidy and make it look like someone is out doing your garden every week at the very least.

2. Make sure windows are closed unless you’re in the room

Granted, this may be the hardest thing to do in the summer months. However, an open window is like leaving your door open. Let’s say your living window is wide open to let the draught through and keep your house cool. Yet you’re sat in the garden, enjoying a drink and letting the kids play in the pool. An opportunist thief happens to be walking past, looks over your back gate and see’s the whole family in the garden. He now knows, he can let himself into your house through the window and have a look around. In fact, in the past 3 weeks, we’ve had at least 1 call a week where this has happened and the thief made off with the homeowner’s car!

3. Don’t leave gardening equipment on show

Yes, we’ve mentioned that you need to show your garden gets maintained. However, leaving easy access to your garden tools gives a burglar some extra equipment to smash windows. We had a call-out last week where a lock was snapped on french doors. This was done because the owner had left his toolbox out cutting some plants back. They found pliers and snapped the lock with his own equipment.

4. Keep your keys out of sight

This seems obvious to most I imagine. However, I still believe many people put their keys on the window ledge or on the console table at the front door. This provides easy access to them. A professional burglar will have hooks and other tools to grab the keys without even opening your door. You have no idea they’re gone until you go to take the kids to school the next morning.

5. Make sure all windows and doors are locked!!!

The most important advice of all. Locking all windows and doors, even when you’re home, helps stop professional and opportunistic thieves targetting your home. We’ve marked this as a summer suggestion because you’re likely to have more windows and doors open during the day in the warmer months. No one sit’s with their patio doors open in the middle of January unless you live in Australia.


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