Some Tips to Avoid or Stop Burglary in Liverpool
  • 2023
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Some Tips to Avoid or Stop Burglary in Liverpool

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) states that domestic burglaries in England and Wales are up 8% on last year. This is a total of over 250,000 recorded burglaries in England and Wales. In the Merseyside area, recorded domestic burglaries are up from 1095 in the month of December 2016 to 1212 in December 2017. This is one of the highest recorded months for domestic burglary on record.

According to Merseyside Police, most domestic burglaries are opportunistic. This happens when burglars see an opportunity, such as an open door or window, valuables on display, or lax security in your home. The best way to stop your home from becoming one of the statistics is to follow these simple tips.

– Always make sure that your windows and doors are locked when you leave your home.
– If you have a burglar alarm, switch it on when you leave home.
Do not leave valuables on display such as car keys etc…
– Try to make it look as though your home is occupied, leave lights on, or put on timer plugs.
– Keep your garden as secure as you can and do not leave tools out that could help a forced entry.
Mark your possessions, if they are stolen you need to have an opportunity to reclaim them
– Make sure that you have the best locks possible fitted, especially if you are in rented accommodation and you have never changed the locks

According to the statistics, there is generally a 25% spike in burglaries during the winter months when nights are longer and it is generally wetter and colder outside. Prevention is always better to perform than fixing after the fact. Follow these simple tips to keep your home safe.

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