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We are a 24/7 emergency locksmith if you have found yourself here on our website you probably need one. Are you locked out? Lost your Keys? Broken your key in the lock? Unable to gain access to your car? Or anything else that causes you trouble getting into your door? Then you could be in need of a visit from an emergency locksmith.

Liverpool Locksafe Locksmiths NW work around the clock and will come to wherever and whenever we are needed. We are generally known as reactive locksmiths as we work on demand, dealing with any kind of emergency locksmith Liverpool involving locks.

It isn’t just your front door that may need attention. Sometimes your need for our locksmith services is related to broken windows, window locks, commercial premises or anywhere else that has a lock. If you need a locksmith and it is an emergency then you need us here at Locksafe Locksmiths NW.

We are tried and trusted all over Liverpool and the wider Merseyside, Wirral, Cheshire and Lancashire areas. Locksafe Locksmith NW Liverpool is proud to operate a NO CALL OUT CHARGE approach and we will come to you any time of the day or night.

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Approved member of the Master Locksmith Association

Master Locksmith Approved – Check Here is a not for profit trade association representing locksmiths in the United Kingdom. It operates a certification program and a referral program to direct consumers to its certified locksmiths. It was established in 1958 and has about 1,400 members. We are a Master Locksmiths approved by Master Locksmiths Association.


We realise the need for security, especially for the most vulnerable members of society, that’s why we offer discounts for OAPs and students. Call now to secure your home.


We understand your home is not the same as the next person. Every job requires a personal touch to ensure security. Working with you, we will devise a plan to keep your home secure.


A locksmith definitely isn’t a 9-5 need. We know that requiring a 24-hour emergency locksmith in Liverpool means we need to work around the clock. Call us day or night with your emergency.

Security keys supplied by Locksafe Locksmiths Liverpool, for all your security needs across Merseyside, Cheshire, Wirral and Lancashire 24/7
Locksafe Locksmiths Liverpool, call us on 0151 321 4155 or 07596 922 107 for 24/7 security issues at your home or workplace.

 Who Are Locksafe Locksmith NW Liverpool

We are a local and friendly locksmith based in Liverpool. One of our most popular services is our 24-hour emergency locksmith service. We invite customers to call us any time of the day with their locksmith requirements. Sometimes they may have broken their key in the door or sometimes it’s as bad as a break-in. No matter what it is, we are there for you.

We have been in business for a number of years now and our lead emergency locksmith, Jonathan, has been in the industry for a very long time. We are proud to say we do not have a call-out charge, unlike other Liverpool locksmiths. This means you can call us to look at a job and it won’t cost you a penny. After all, we’re only having a look, so why should it?

When you call Locksafe Locksmiths NW you know you are calling a Liverpool locksmith that can be trusted. How can you be so sure? Well, don’t let us tell you, check out our 5 star Google reviews.

Do you need an emergency locksmith Liverpool right away? If you’re on mobile there is a click to call us button stuck at the bottom of the page. If you’re on desktop then our phone number is 0151 321 4155 and you can call us right away. We will respond within the hour.

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Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool Services

Although we have told you about our 24-hour response services, there are many other Locksmith Liverpool services that we provide. Here are some of our many locksmith services which we have available. If you can’t see the service that you require advertised, then please still contact us, as if its to do with locks, we will be able to help.

  • "Jonathan and the rest of the team so helpful!! called just before 11, back in in less than 50 minutes! Couldn’t be more helpful and friendly, so so so helpful and couldn’t have done enough. Couldn’t recommend them more highly"

  • "Amazing service, Jonathan is very professional and provides the highest standard of service. I couldn’t recommend this company enough. Would definitely use again in the future"

  • "The guys at Locksafe were brilliant. Needed help with an emergency situation and they were there within 20 minutes. Had all the locks replaced really quickly and for a good price too. Great communication. Highly recommended"



As a trusted Liverpool locksmith, all employees are DBS checked (previously CRB check), our company mission is simple. Our aim is to help all customers whether you have a domestic or commercial premise with their security needs. We will help you with all aspects of security and lock issues. Our professional manner and honest pricing ensure you will be happy with your choice of picking Locksafe Locksmiths NW as your local Liverpool locksmith.

We will never use pushy sales tactics to force you into one of our products or services. You will have all the options available so that you are fully informed and advised. We always offer FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTATIONS.


Will You Come Out in The Middle of The Night?

Of course, we will, we are a 24 hour a day locksmith. No matter what time of the day or night we will come and help you with your problems.

If It Is Not an Emergency, Can I Still Call You?

YES, we are more than happy to take non-urgent calls. We are a traditional 9 – 5 Locksmith with out of hours engineers. Call us for your FREE Security Review or for any other locksmith requirements.

Do You Carry Parts With You?

We carry a large range of parts that enable us to complete most jobs. If in the unlikely event that our engineer does not have the right part for your property, we will definitely be able to secure your property and keep you safe.

 Who Are Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool

Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool is based in Liverpool. That means we can respond to your lock emergency fast, day or night. Whether you get locked out of your home or vehicle or require new locks or lock repairs, you can count on us to provide you with the fastest and best service in the area. For more information on our many lock and safe services, contact us today at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool at 07596 922107. Whether you are changing locks or in need of advice on what kind of security system you need to protect your home or business, we can help and work with you to find the best solution for your needs. We are Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool and we want to keep you safe and secure.

Our Many Services To Meet Your Needs

Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool offers you a vast selection of services related to locks, keys, and safes. They include lockouts, lock changes, repairing locks – even when you accidentally snap a key in the lock, security locks, security assessments, safes, safe lock replacement/repairs and so much more. Whatever your locksmithing needs, contact us at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool to discuss solutions with one of our expert locksmiths. We can provide you with reliable and affordable alternatives that may save you both time and money.

When To Call For A Locksmith

When You Have A Lock-Out

This happens more frequently than you may think. All it takes is to leave your home or business without your keys and when you return, you discover you have been locked out of the building. This can also happen to your vehicle. There is no need to break a window to gain access as that will cost you more to repair than it will have us come and unlock the door. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you experience getting locked out. Just contact us when you need our assistance to regain entry into your home, business, or vehicle. We will gladly give you a hand and get you back inside. Call us anytime 24/7 at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool if you have a lockout.

When You Need To Change Locks

There are a few reasons why you may wish to have certain locks changed. They may be old and inefficient and you have decided to go with keyless digital locks. Maybe you are a building landlord and you have had difficulty keeping track of who has keys and fear that old tenants may have one or more of them still. Or, you’ve had keys stolen and you don’t want to risk your property becoming vulnerable to thieves. Maybe you’ve lost your keys and doubt they will be found. These are all good reasons to call us at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool to change your locks. We will visit your location and discuss with you the best solution for your specific situation and take care of everything while we are there. Need new locks? Call us for details today.

When You Need Locks Repaired

The most common reason to have a lock repaired is that it has been damaged in some way. Either someone has abused the key and caused it to either break off inside the lock or a break-in saw the door get kicked in damaging the locking mechanism. As good as locks are in protecting your property, depending on the type of door and lock being used, they can still get damaged. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you require our lock repair services as we work 24/7 keeping Liverpool residents safe and secure. If you find that you need a damaged lock fixed or replaced, contact us at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool at 07596 922107 and we will come over right away to your assistance.

When You Need Security Locks

As we have mentioned, some older doors and locks are not effective in keeping people you don’t want inside your property out at all times. However, you can add an extra layer of protection by replacing those locks with security locks. A security lock is made of a material that is not easy to damage. Plus, they are designed to keep thieves out as they cannot be picked or jimmied with in any way to get around the fact that they are keeping your door secured. There are many different types of security locks designed for specific purposes. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, we can advise you on the best solution for your needs. Ask us for details today.

When You Need A Security Assessment

A security assessment – also known as a risk assessment – can be a valuable exercise in learning about how secure your home or business is. Our expert locksmiths will visit your property and identify weak spots related to the security of that property. It will include examining locks, the doors those locks are installed into, the hinges and door frame that door is held into and the walls adjacent to the doors. Windows, gates, and other surrounding elements will also form part of a complete security assessment. Once completed, our locksmith team will discuss with you ways to improve the security of your property in such a way that it mitigates risk which can impact insurance premiums. Some insurance policies provide discounts for security measures installed.

When You Need You A Safe

Everyone has valuables they like to keep near them but depending on what they are worth, you are better ahead keeping them stored out of sight when not in use. This often means a safe of some kind. For coins, jewellery, family heirlooms, collectables, or what have you, a safe is the best place to keep these items. The locksmiths at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool can advise you on the best type of safe for you to store your valuables. From a portable safe to those that are installed in walls and floors, we can assist with the installation and ensure you have the right solution to fit your current needs and your safekeeping needs of the future. Need a safe? We can help you get what you need.

When You Need Safe Lock Repairs

No matter how secure you keep your valuables, sometimes someone will try to take them from you. It could be a visitor to your home, a friend, or a thief. Even if you have stored these items away in a safe, you may find that someone has tried to access your safe and either damaged or scratched the lock or locking mechanism. This is when you would need a safe lock repair or replacement. It does not matter what time of the day or night you need this. Contact our expert locksmiths at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool for assistance. We work 24/7 to keep you and your property safe and secure. For safe lock repairs, contact us today at 07596 922107 and we will fix the problem right away.

Looking At Home Security

We provide you with complete home security systems. From improving the types of locks being used at all entry points to your home, property, or business, we also can assist you with video surveillance equipment. If you are not sure what type of system would be best for full coverage of your home, business, and surrounding property, just give us a call. We can provide you with the information you need and advice on what direction to go to best protect your space.

Deadbolt Locks

Although you are not required to install deadbolt locks in any of your doors, some insurance policies are considered null and void should you have a security breach and file a claim without deadbolt locks installed. Deadbolt locks are a great option to consider if you are looking for added security. A deadbolt lock will provide that for you as well as peace of mind. Not only will they deter thieves, but they greatly reduce the risk of something being stolen from your property. When you are ready to add deadbolt locks to your doors, contact us at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool to deliver the best quality deadbolt locks on the market and install them for you fast and at an affordable price.


If you are considering complete home security, CCTV (closed-circuit television) in the form of security cameras cannot be beaten. Video does not lie and if you feel that your home or business is at risk, adding a CCTV system gives you another very strong layer of protection. There are numerous systems available in the marketplace and that makes the whole situation involving security cameras confusing. To be sure that your property is well protected with a CCTV system that fits your needs and budget, call us today at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool. Our security experts will be able to advise you on solutions best suited for your specific situation and how to best set the system up.


With or without a CCTV system, alarm systems provide an added element that will deter thieves once they trigger one. Or you can have silent alarms installed that will either alert you or the authorities via remote dialling. Having alarms connected to doors, windows, or any other point of entry, you can rest assured that your home, business, or property is being “watched” as it is being protected. There are several different types of alarms and alarm systems. To be sure what solution will be best for your requirements, contact us, and request a security assessment with a focus on alarm systems. We have the experience and skill to bring you the best alarm system for your needs.


How fast is the service from Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool?

Our locksmiths are residents of Liverpool. That is why we promote 24/7 service and we mean it. Call us any time of the day or night – whenever you need our service – and we will have one of our expert locksmiths at your location within minutes. We understand how unnerving it can be to find your home or business has been broken into or that someone has attempted to enter your home or vehicle and has damaged the locks in the process. The same goes for if you find you have locked yourself out of your home, business, or vehicle. Don’t attempt to enter on your own. Give us a call and we will be able to unlock your door and get you inside regardless of what time it is.

How should I increase my door lock security?

There are several ways you can improve your door lock security. You can start by upgrading to an up-to-date lock. However, a good lock is only secure as the door it is installed in. A sturdy door frame and a solid door are the best ways to improve door lock security. Doors that are difficult to kick in or otherwise damage to gain entry into your home or business are a good investment. This includes extra long screws installed where the hinges attach the door to the frame. Once you have a secure door in place, changing the lock to something current or a deadbolt will give you added security. The idea is to keep the point of entry protected keeping those out who should not have access.

Can you recommend a latch lock I should use?

A latch lock is a lock that is mounted on the door, not inside the door. And because there are so many different types of these locks available, it can be confusing to find the right one for your specific requirements. A latch lock is a good idea if there is no other type of lock installed in the door. However, latch locks are not nearly as secure as a deadbolt or most any other lock that is mounted inside the door frame. It also means that a latch lock is a much more affordable form of security, although not a strong form of security. To be sure that a latch lock is the best for the door you intend to use it on, contact us at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool. One of our qualified locksmiths will visit to discuss this with you.

I’m thinking of changing all of my locks. Can you do this?

Sometimes it is a good idea to update your locks. Depending on the age of your home, the locks may be original and are due for replacement. There are many different types of new locks you can upgrade to including deadbolts and digital locks. To have the right upgrade for your situation, call us today at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool and request one of our expert locksmiths to visit you and do a lock assessment. It will be at that time when we will be able to give you a better answer on what would work best for your home, business, or property based on the types of doors and the level of security you are seeking. We can help you determine what kind of upgrades are necessary.

I am looking for a customized security system. How do you do that?

There are many ways we can customize the security of your home or business. It starts with a risk assessment. All you need to do is request one from us and we will arrange for one of our locksmith specialists to visit you. The assessment will entail exploring the current security measures in place, identifying weak entry points, and determining what type of security would best remedy them. You could end up with a combination of deadbolt locks, alarms on window locks, and CCTV security cameras in other hard-to-secure locations. Regardless of the results, we will discuss our findings and work with you to solve any serious security issues and supply and install the products you need.

I got locked out of my car. It’s really late at night. Should I call in the morning?

Absolutely not. It doesn’t matter to us when you need our services because when you need it, we better be available. That is why we are always on call, 24/7. Simply put, you can never plan for a locksmith emergency and we know sometimes these things happen at the most unlikely times of the day (or night). If you have been locked out of your vehicle, you should contact us right away so that we can get you back on the road and safely. Lock outs can be scary if you are alone or in a part of town that is not familiar to you. These are even better reasons to contact us as soon as possible to remedy a lock out. Just call us at 07596 922107 Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool.

I want to put an alarm on my doors. Can you help with that?

We will gladly give you the advice you need to properly secure your windows and doors. Once we take a better look at your current security measures and assess the types of locks currently in place, we will be able to suggest ways to improve the security of your home or business that may or may not include alarms. Sometimes updating locks will be sufficient. Sometimes changing out doors to security doors will be enough. Other times a CCTV system may be the best solution. Regardless of what you have in place now, our professional locksmiths will be able to suggest what you can do to improve your door security – and help you find the right alarm system if that is needed.

Is there such a thing as too much security?

That depends on what you have in your home or business of value, the crime rate in your area, and all kinds of variables that change over time. The best answer to this question is that some security is far better than none and to best determine what you need for your specific requirements, call us at Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool and request a risk assessment. The findings of this process will better identify what you need to protect. That will lead to discussions on the types of security that would be best for your circumstances and it will go from there. Locks, security doors, lights, cameras, and alarms may all be considered but may not all be necessary to keep your property safe.

I’m not sure how well my locks will protect my home. Can you take a look at them?

Of course, we can! At Locksafe Locksmiths NW Liverpool we want you to be safe and secure in your surroundings. That means ensuring that your home or business has the proper security methods in place to prevent anything happening to you, your family, your employees, or your property. We do this by working with you to bring your security measures up-to-date and by advising you on what can be done to keep your points of entry safe and secure. Our professional locksmiths have many years of experience in this industry and are licensed, bonded, and trustworthy.

We are based in Liverpool serving the city and surrounding area with 24/7 service. If you need us any time during the day or night, just give us a call and one of our locksmiths will arrive within minutes to be of assistance. It doesn’t matter what service you require from us, whether you are looking to install a CCTV system, update your locks, repair old or damaged locks, or to help you get back into your vehicle as a result of a lockout…we can take care of anything to do with locks and security. Even if all you require is a security assessment we will gladly examine your property, identify the weak spots, and work with you to increase the level of security required to keep things protected.

We are the professional locksmiths at Locksafe and we are always at your service. For more information on any of our services, contact us today at 07596 922107.

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